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About Us

Roxy and Tim Patterson

Our Backgrounds

Tim and I both grew up working at our family-owned, small businesses in Minnesota.  We met during college while attending UMD in Duluth and have been married for 30 years this year (gulp, wow).  We have two children, Nathan and Valerie.  They are both attending grad school, in Oregon and Michigan.  They help us move furniture, serve food, prepare food, shovel, mow and all the wonderful things that go with running a B&B when they are home on break!

Tim grew up on a small resort in Northern Minnesota.  His parents (in their 80’s), brothers, and cousin still run the resort, which also has a bar and restaurant on the Cass Lake chain.  Tim learned young how to bail out a boat, mow the lawn, clean fish, and grill a burger at the bar.  Tim continues to work at his “day job” while getting the Inn up on its feet. His background in hospitality and working in a restaurant has been essential to the start-up success of the Inn. 

I also grew up in MN working at my family drugstores.  My family still owns and runs three local pharmacies.  Roxy was helping manage the drugstores until purchasing the Inn in March 2021.  It was time for a change or maybe as my son says…to have a mid-life crisis and run an Inn!

A Diamond in the Rough

While searching for a new home in Osceola we drove by the Inn and immediately were excited by its historic beauty and fantastic river views! Lucky to have traveled a fair amount, including to Europe and much of the U.S., the allure of the Inn reminded us of the many buildings we have seen in our travels.  We could see the potential of the property.  The Inn was looking worn down and neglected.  

There has been ALOT of painting, and painting, and painting. Plus, all new mattresses, adding 3 King beds, new carpet, serving center in the lobby, screen doors, air conditioners, boilers, washers, dryers, stoves and a new patio….the list goes on.  But the the dream is to restore it back to its original elegance highlighting its 3x3x3 hand-cut limestone block foundation and to create a breathtaking hotel with distinctive, interesting and clean rooms.   Providing a place where guests can have unparalleled views of the river is the mission. Please come stay with us.  The St. Croix Valley Inn is a wonderful place to celebrate special occasions and milestones in life or to take a few days away in a beautiful historic home perched atop a bluff overlooking the beautiful St. Croix River.   Oh, and breakfast is good too!

Walk to downtown Osceola

Park your car and leave it. You are a short walk from downtown Osceola’s restaurants, pubs, shops, and attractions in this cozy small town.  The local beauty of the river, waterfalls, and trails provide a variety of activities for outdoor activities.  Hike the local trails and enjoy a ride on the train or riverboat!

Covid-19 precautions

We are sensitive to you trusting us and our staff. Please know we have a rigorous cleaning protocol and provide self-check-ins if desired. We rigorously clean rooms and high-touch areas regularly. We outsource our linens for professional cleaning.  We are also certified in food safety and fully licensed as a restaurant and hotel through the State of Wisconsin