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The St. Croix Valley Inn is located on the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway in Osceola, Wisconsin. Osceola’s quaint town charm comes from its history and rich natural resources. Founded in the mid-1850s, the town stands with buildings from the 1880s.

Osceola’s charming downtown is only a short walk. The steps leading down to Cascade Falls is only a few blocks away.  Don’t miss out on this gorgeous Waterfall!!  Enjoy the restaurants, pubs or hang out on the outdoor patio bar at Mini-Lambeau, behind Osceola Lanes and the Cascade Bar.  Visit the local gift stores, chocolate or antique shops for fun finds. Hike on the trails in the Village or enjoy WI Interstate Park or Taylor’s Falls. Kayak or canoe down the beautiful St. Croix River with the help of local kayak/canoe rental companies. If you need necessities there is also a grocery store, liquor store and dry cleaners close by.

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