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Sleeping around

Or, finding the right bedding for a boutique hotel!        

Now that we were committed to this grand adventure, we realized that as the property was known as a bed and breakfast, the beds would be our first area of focus, being the first word and all…

So, like a good scientist, I promptly googled best sheets for bed &  breakfasts.   As the old saying going everyone has an opinion and a#^&*…  Wait, this a family friendly site, so it turns out that there are a lot of editorials on sheets and countless recommendations about thread counts, organic cotton, and percale  (I still don’t know what percale means…)  to help us with our choices.   After a couple hours, there are two brands that seem to consistently jump out:  Boll & Branch and Brooklinen.    There are many more wonderful companies and we will certainly continue to seek out great bedding as we get feedback from you, our guests.    Disclaimer: I’m not getting payed by either brand to promote them, but if they want, we can chat….

Know how to make a perfect hospital corner?  Not us!  However, we are trying but still need a bit of practice and open to tips or tricks.

Duvet or not to Duvet?

During my business travels to the Netherlands he became a big fan of the duvet bedding setup.  This was, of course, after complaining to the front desk staff that housekeeping had shorted him a top/flat sheet.   Thankfully the Dutch are generally an understanding people and educated me that the duvet cover is removable and laundered just as normal sheets are, much to the relief of the microbiologist Tim still is.     We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to make your experience the best possible; enjoy your stay!  

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